The guide to music for
relaxation & meditation

Music for relaxation and meditation can reduce stress and ease anxiety—learn more about how to put the power of music to work for you and your business or app.

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Relaxation and meditation are essential practices in our modern world, helping to combat the daily stresses and anxieties that many of us face.

Music has a profound ability to enhance these practices, offering a pathway to peace, clarity, and rejuvenation. From the soothing rhythms to the calming melodies, the right music helps to guide us to a state of deep relaxation, anchoring our minds and promoting an inner sense of serenity.

But for businesses, there's more to integrating music than just adding a playlist. Ensuring the music is curated scientifically and appropriately, understanding the licensing intricacies, and optimizing the user experience are all paramount to achieving successful integration.

Read the guide to music for relaxation and meditation to learn about:

  • The science behind relaxing music
  • Curating the right music for relaxation for your end-user
  • Licensing and integrating relaxing music for businesses and apps
  • Boosting app engagement with relaxing music


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