Inside Music Curation | Hip-Hop at 50

In our final installment of our series celebrating 50 years of hip-hop, we talk about the state of the genre today. New artists on the rise, niche subgenres, and women in hip-hop.  Watch now to learn more about the boom of female emcees in the 2020s.


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Inside Music Curation Episode 39 | Hip-Hop at 50 


At Feed Media Group, we are dedicated to helping businesses power music in apps. Today, we have our esteemed colleagues from the music curation team here to talk about all things related to music curation; from genres to use cases and music trends.

In this episode we discussed hip-hop turning 50, which is the third part of our Hip-Hop at 50 series.

In our previous discussions, we explored the origins and history of hip-hop and how regional movements influenced the music and culture. Today, we will focus on hip-hop in 2023. 

First, we talked about the last decade, which has been notably defined by artists like Kendrick Lamar, who set a high artistic bar for carrying forward hip-hop traditions. We also acknowledged Drake's dominance in the industry but wondered if it might be a sign of stagnation in some aspects.

Unfortunately, in the past years, we've lost some incredible artistic talents like Juice WRLD and Pop Smoke, leaving us robbed of their potential contributions to the genre.

Now, moving on to the exciting part, we wanted to highlight the remarkable progress made by female hip-hop artists in the last five to six years. This influx of female voices has been refreshing and long overdue. From Doja Cat's versatile artistry, Megan Thee Stallion's fierce bars, to Little Simz's impactful UK Grime style, there is an abundance of diversity and creativity in female hip-hop.

The turning point for female representation in hip-hop was when Nicki Minaj and Cardi B received considerable media attention. This helped break the stereotype of having only one prominent female rapper in the industry. Since then, we've seen more collaborations and support among female artists, which has been empowering for the community.

The rise of social media platforms like TikTok has also played a crucial role in providing female rappers with new avenues for self-promotion and creativity. It has democratized the music industry, allowing artists to showcase their work and gain recognition without relying solely on traditional music industry gatekeepers.

The future of hip-hop excites us as it continues to evolve and embrace diversity and inclusion. We are looking forward to seeing these talented artists gaining mainstream recognition, and we hope their contributions will shape the music industry positively.

As we move forward, we recognize that hip-hop's power lies in its ability to embrace and amplify diverse voices and perspectives. Hip-hop has been a transformative force in our lives, and we are grateful for the impact it has had on us as individuals.

Lastly, we want to extend our gratitude to Nicki Minaj and all the incredible female artists who are breaking barriers and enriching the world of hip-hop. Your contributions are essential and inspiring.

Thank you for joining us today, and we hope you enjoyed this journey through the world of hip-hop. Stay tuned for more exciting discussions on music curation in future episodes.


About the live video series:

At Feed Media Group (FMG), our music curation team excels at handpicking music for businesses. While technology and analytics play a vital role in the curation process, it is the expertise, curiosity, and ability of our music curators to bring the world around us into focus that truly sets our music stations apart.

By staying attuned to pop culture trends and understanding the wider societal context of songs, we are able to craft exceptional music stations. It is this connection, context, and attention to detail that distinguishes our stations from those generated by even the most advanced algorithms used by major streaming platforms.

Come on a journey with us as we delve into the fascinating world of curating music for businesses and brands. We will explore everything from the practical applications to the user experience, taking a deep dive into genres, audience preferences, data analysis, and the latest trends.

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