15 Classic Sports Songs, and Some New School Anthems

Posted by Eric Stensvaag on Sep 28, 2016 2:24:31 PM

The summer party’s over and most of us have resumed the responsibilities of fall. For sports lovers at least, there’s a juicy consolation prize: baseball moves into post-season, football season has kicked off, and basketball tip-off is just around the corner. With so many great games, who has time to feel gloomy?

In honor of America’s awe-inspiring teams and athletes, we challenged ourselves to identify 15 CLASSIC sports songs…From older anthems like the Rolling Stones’ Start Me Up and Queen’s We Will Rock You to relative newcomers like the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, all of these are battle-tested and proven to get the crowd amped.

Whether you’re a San Francisco Giants fan, you proudly identify as a Cheesehead, or you never miss the San Antonio Spurs at home, these 15 classic sports songs will set the right mood for game time. Enjoy!

Featuring Ozzy Osborne, Survivor, Journey, Blur, House of Pain, Guns ‘N Roses, C+C Music Factory, and more


While all these songs capture something universal that sports rivals can appreciate, there’s also a longstanding tradition of songs being adopted by specific teams. And, increasingly, artists are creating custom tracks just for their teams. Here are a few of the highest profile examples, for you to listen and judge for yourself.

Shots (Miami Heat Version) by LMFAO featuring Lil Jon

Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa [for Pittsburgh Steelers]

Choices (Yup) (Warriors Version) by E-40

Sports teams alternate winning streaks and rebuilding years, and musical tastes change. That said, music will always be a big part of live games, and nothing is better than music for uniting fans and their heroes on their field.

Image Credits: NBA and San Francisco Chronicle