BioSensics and Bring Music to Smart Devices for Seniors

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between and BioSensics, a global leader in digital health technology. This partnership brings to life a secure music player tailored for seniors, combining's comprehensive music platform with BioSensics’ cutting-edge digital caregiving solution, Nili.

“Music is a powerful way for families to connect and to support active aging. We’re thrilled to partner with BioSensics to support their mission of enabling seniors to be better connected to their families and to receive remote support through Nili,” said Lauren Pufpaf,’s co-founder.




Meet Nili, an innovative digital caregiving platform

Nili is an exclusive tablet and subscription service crafted for older adults seeking to maintain their independence, manage their well-being (day to day tasks, appointments, and medications), and stay connected with family and friends. With this collaboration, seniors utilizing Nili can now enjoy popular music from the 30s to the 80s, jazz, classical music, and more with a secure music player provided by

“We knew it was essential to offer music within our product, but managing music licensing and integration on our own would have been overly resource-intensive,” said Dr. Ashkan Vaziri, Founder and CEO of BioSensics. “’s platform was simple to integrate and has brought a wealth of music options to our users. Our customers love the streaming music service we’ve created through”


Biosensics Nili Screens


Curating music for seniors

As the music curators embarked on creating personalized radio stations for Nili users, their goal was clear: to offer a diverse selection of music for seniors with a focus on popular hits from past decades. Music has the incredible ability to trigger a cascade of positive changes in the brain, influencing motivation, memory, focus, relaxation, mood enhancement, and more. Recognizing that many of the benefits of music for seniors stem from the emotional impact of familiar music, the curators created a wide array of music stations ranging from classical to classic country. This thoughtful approach allows each individual to delve into personal memories and nostalgia through the power of music while using the Nili device. Ultimately, this comprehensive strategy ensures that seniors can indulge in a rich and varied musical experience while utilizing the Nili device. 


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The power of music in action

“I signed my mom up for Nili, and she loves the music features because it brings back memories of her childhood,” said one Nili subscriber. “She tunes into the 50s music station, and I catch her singing along while looking at the photos we’ve curated for her. Nili keeps her engaged throughout the day, and it helps my siblings and I stay better connected with her daily care.”

The UMS provides BioSensics with music listening data and insights, along with indemnification and pre-cleared licenses for the use of all commercial music. Having a music partner like allows BioSensics to focus on their core product.


To learn more about how the Nili agetech platform offers a secure way to stream music for seniors while empowering independence, visit and