Licensing music for YouTube video content creators

Congratulations! You’ve built a fabulous YouTube channel…or maybe you’re still thinking about it and working out all the details. Something you’re going to want to get clear on is music licensing and copyright. For YouTube content creators, music can make all the difference for your channel, bringing energy and excitement to your videos and your brand. But using copyrighted music for YouTube comes with some important caveats. To keep your channel on the up and up, let’s explore the ins and outs of licensing music for YouTube videos and how to stay on the right side of YouTube’s copyright and rights management policies.

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a substitute for legal advice, but rather a quick overview of the complex music licensing world.


The basics of licensing music for YouTube videos

What you need to keep in mind is that almost all music is owned by someone, and in order to use that music in your YouTube content, you need permission first. You may realize that you need permission to add copyrighted music as a soundtrack for your video, but did you know that you may also need permission for any copyrighted music in your content, even if it’s incidental? That amazing clip of the skaters in the park might well have some copyrighted music playing in the background, and if you don’t have permission for that track, even that could get you into hot water with YouTube.

Obtaining the rights to use copyrighted music can potentially be a very expensive, time-consuming, and complicated process, not easily managed by an individual YouTuber without the resources of a larger organization. When permission is granted, it usually involves monetary payments to compensate the musical artists involved in the creation of the original work. This could involve a lot of money and a lot of negotiation over time. For content creators who want legal access to music quickly and simply, and at an affordable rate, there are companies—like Feed Originals—that specialize in providing royalty-free music for video content.


The consequences of music copyright infringement

The artists involved in the creation of your favorite songs are content creators too, and they want to protect their art. YouTube has developed systems for copyright holders to identify where and when their copyrighted work has been used without permission, including unlicensed use of copyrighted music. The consequences of copyright infringement on YouTube include demonetization of your content, muting, blocking, and complete removal of the video. Repeated violations can result in being banned from YouTube permanently. Don’t risk it. 



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It's easy to find music for YouTube videos with Feed Originals

Feed Originals understands the needs of video content creators and the importance of having the perfect music to enhance your work. When you think of royalty-free music for videos, you may feel less than inspired, but Feed Originals has a fresh take on the royalty-free catalog. We’ve commissioned high-quality music from successful artists, purpose-built for engagement, and video creators who subscribe to the service get unlimited access to everything in our wholly owned music library. Creators have maximum flexibility in how they choose to use the music, with rights to use it globally.

The music you’ll find in the Feed Originals library is unlike what you’ll find anywhere else. With the guidance of neuroscience experts, we’ve created science-backed music for specific purposes, including working out, relaxation, meditation, focus, and sleep. Our AI tool, Sonic Search, enables you to use links from songs that you know to find similar tracks in our library.  If you’re seeking out a certain kind of vibe, you can quickly search tracks within that theme; some popular themes, for example, are Joyful Jams, Atmospheric, and Epic Film Scores for the Imagination. With Feed Originals, you’ll have access to unique soundtracks and new music in a variety of genres that will elevate your YouTube channel.


Feed Originals makes it easy to license music for YouTube videos, fast

Check out the Feed Originals music library and set up an account—you can sign up for a subscription and start downloading music for YouTube videos today!  Hit us up for the tracks that will complement your video content and take your YouTube channel to the next level.