alphabeats Partners with to Soundtrack Neurofeedback Training

We are excited to announce that alphabeats has partnered with to enhance their innovative neurofeedback training experience with high-quality soundtracks! 

alphabeats launched their neurotech wearable in the US today pioneering a revolution in how athletes train their minds. By harnessing the power of music, alphabeats empowers individuals to tap into a music-induced flow state—unlocking their full potential with innovative neurofeedback training techniques.

At, we specialize in integrating licensed music into digital wellness experiences. We understand how different musical elements can affect mood and drive desired wellness outcomes, so we are thrilled to be working with alphabeats to deliver expertly curated music that aligns with their specific training goals, whether it's improving focus, promoting relaxation, or aiding in recovery.

“This is one of the first partnerships we have where we can show the effect of music on brain waves,“ Jeff Yasuda, CEO and co-founder of Feed Media Group. “We are impressed by the training experience alphabeats has created. With music at its core, we are committed to working together to continually optimize and personalize the listening experience to help users get results faster.”

Let’s explore this groundbreaking performance training program designed to support the overall well-being of athletes and individuals who want to unlock their flow state using the power of music.


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The science behind neurofeedback training

Neurofeedback training is based on the scientific study of music and its impact on the brain. Through the use of EEG (electroencephalogram) technology, alphabeats allows users to consciously increase their alpha wave activity, which is associated with a state of deep focus and optimal performance. The brainwave patterns captured by the EEG headband are also translated into visual cues on the app, creating an immersive and interactive feedback loop.


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Benefits of neurofeedback training for athletes

Neurofeedback training offers numerous benefits for athletes looking to enhance their performance. When in a state of flow, which is facilitated by the music-driven neurofeedback sessions, athletes can experience improved creativity, recovery, focus, reaction time, and motor coordination.

The alpha-wave activity targeted in neurofeedback training is associated with a calm and focused mental state, allowing athletes to better manage stress and anxiety. This can be particularly beneficial during high-pressure situations and competition. Additionally, neurofeedback training helps athletes develop a greater level of self-awareness and control over their mental state, leading to enhanced overall performance on and off the field.


alphabeats: The revolutionary approach to mental conditioning

alphabeats has revolutionized mental conditioning by integrating auditory, visual, and cognitive elements into its neurofeedback training program. This multi-modality approach captures the user's attention and amplifies the effectiveness of each session.

The alphabeats app provides an intuitive and immersive experience, with visual cues that respond to the user's alpha brainwave activity. This real-time feedback allows users to track their progress and make adjustments to optimize their training. By combining expertly-curated music, neurofeedback, and interactive visuals, alphabeats offers a unique and innovative approach to mental conditioning that is suitable for both professional athletes and individuals looking to improve their mental fitness.


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The role of music in enhancing neurofeedback training

Music plays a crucial role in enhancing the neurofeedback training experience. It has proven to be a powerful tool to aid in the reduction of stress, anxiety, and pain, as well as improve mood, concentration, and overall well-being.

When combined with neurofeedback training, music serves as an enjoyable feedback mechanism that helps facilitate a state of flow. The rhythmic and melodic elements of music have a direct impact on the brain, influencing alpha wave activity and promoting a state of deep focus and relaxation. alphabeats leverages the power of music to make neurofeedback training more enjoyable, accessible, and effective.


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Music as a catalyst for finding your flow state

Music has long been recognized as a powerful tool for enhancing performance. Whether it's in sports, fitness, or therapy applications, the right music activates your brain to stimulate reward, reduce stress, and improve mood, positioning the brain to better achieve various outcomes, such as quieting anxiety or helping the listener focus on the task at hand. 

Dr. Daniel Bowling, a neuroscientist from Stanford University, has played a crucial role in guiding the music curation strategy for wellness and performance outcomes. His expertise in auditory neuroscience and biomusicology has helped shape's functional music offering, including our Feed Originals collection, by contributing to the curation parameters that ensure our wellness music stations are rooted in scientific principles.

"As we introduce alphabeats to the U.S. market, we're excited to redefine how athletes approach mental training on a global scale," said Jorrit DeVries, Chief Commercial Officer of alphabeats. "Our collaboration with, backed by the scientific rigor of Dr. Daniel Bowling, is the ideal complement to our state-of-the-art neurotech platform. It’s just what athletes need to push their limits and enhance their game.”


In the context of neurofeedback training, music serves as a catalyst for entering a flow state and optimizing mental performance. The music stations provided by provide alphabeats users with access to tracks that are curated for their specific training goals while offering flexibility based on personal listening preferences. Users can choose from a menu of music stations ranging from popular genres like hip-hop and pop to science-backed functional music curated for meditation, focus or relaxation. By harnessing the power of music, alphabeats empowers individuals to tap into a music-induced flow state, unlock their full potential and achieve optimal performance.


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