Best Taylor Swift Songs for Your Workout Playlist

Taylor-mania reached a fever pitch in 2023 with the record-breaking Eras Tour and there’s no signs of slowing down for Ms. Swift with the release of her newest album, The Tortured Poets Department, tomorrow, April 19. Beyond music, Taylor Swift is the cultural icon of our time boosting local and national economies with talks of “Swiftonomics” impacting every corner of the globe. 

Taylor Swift's cultural significance transcends her chart-topping hits and multi-platinum albums, extending beyond the realm of music into fashion and feminism. As one of the most influential artists of her generation, Swift has not only redefined the country and pop music genres but has also utilized her platform to champion important social causes, from advocating for artists' rights to speaking out against sexism in the entertainment industry. Her evolution from a teenage country sensation to a global pop icon mirrors the changing landscape of the music industry itself, while her introspective songwriting has resonated deeply with millions, making her a symbol of empowerment and resilience for fans worldwide. Swift's impact on popular culture is undeniable, marking her as a cultural force to be reckoned with.

From her debut album to Midnights, Taylor Swift's music is perfect for working out due to its infectious energy and upbeat rhythms. Songs from any of her Eras can provide the ideal backdrop for a high-energy workout session. Her lyrics inspire, motivate, and instill confidence, helping listeners to push themselves further - if she can put on a 3+ hour tour de force, surely you’ve got one more rep in you! Additionally, the variety of genres and tempos in her discography ensures that there's a Taylor Swift song for every mood and workout intensity, making her music a versatile and essential part of any workout playlist.

So grab your friendship bracelets and get ready to sweat across The Eras, here are the 13 (obviously) best Taylor Swift workout songs.



Best Taylor Swift Songs for Your Workout Playlist


...Ready for it?
Best for HIIT
The opening track of Reputation is T. Swift’s most in-your-face-tone-setting song across all her albums. Matching the intensity of this track will amp up your workout.

All You Had to Do Was Stay 
Best for Running
1989 is full of 80’s pop-inspired bangers but this track is especially suited for running cadence at 94 BPM.

Best for warmup
Get the positive vibes going for your workout with this fan-favorite from Midnights.

Best for cooldown
Dropping the BPM to 75 will help breathing return to normal after a tough workout.

The Man
Best for weight training
Nothing makes you want to tackle the patriarchy with your newfound gains like this lyrical masterpiece from Taylor.

Best for bodyweight
Small inflections in pace between the verse and the chorus make this song suited to a variety of bodyweight exercises. Drop into a burpee every time Tay says “Red” and you’ll really take your workout up a notch.

Best for dance cardio
It was a close race with “Shake It Off” for the best track for a dance cardio workout but “22” brings a little extra sass and energy.

Message In A Bottle
Best for cycling
Double-time sprints on the chorus followed by slower-paced hill climbs during the verses are perfect for a well-rounded spin sesh.

Bad Blood
Best for boxing
This track exudes the swag of walking into a boxing ring and the Kendrick Lamar verse delivers the final knock-out punch.

Invisible String
Best for yoga
This track from Swift’s pandemic folklore project has soothing strings but enough of a driving beat to take you through a vinyasa flow.

Cruel Summer
Best for Pilates
“Cruel Summer” got a second wind topping the charts in 2023, 4 years after its release. And even though the small muscle movements in Pilates can feel cruel at times, this track will push you past the burn.

Better Than Revenge
Best for cardio
One of her most heavily rock-leaning tracks, this track has a great beat and angsty lyrics when you’re pushing through the last few minutes of your workout.

Hits Different
Best for rowing
Smooth and flowing, “Hits Different” works well for steady-state rowing, plus the beach imagery might help you imagine you’re on water instead of sweating it out on the erg. 


With her Eras-spanning catalog of high-energy tunes, you'll "Shake It Off" and sweat it out, turning your gym session into a "Love Story" with every beat. So, "Don't Blame Me" if you find yourself running faster just to keep up with her catchy rhythms! 


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