“I think ‘Selling In’ is great if you can find a brand that aligns with the band. Then it’s an important part of every band’s business model and a great way to get marketing exposure. In a world of so much noise, it’s a great way to find new fans and get paid in the process. There have been numerous fans that found out about us through the commercials.”

There is no doubt brand alignment is a growing trend as artists work to find revenue streams in an increasingly crowded market. When asked about what’s next for the band he went on to explain:

“It’s not just about making money all of the time. We have causes that we support and feel strongly about promoting them. As the Stone Foxes profile increases you can expect our music to be used in commercials supporting not-for-profits and causes that are important to us and to the world.”

It adds up to smart entrepreneurial thinking in a rapidly changing environment. When combined with the ability to support passion projects and make a living, brand and band alignment add up to a solid business model.