Inside Music Curation | Ariana Grande

On this episode of "Inside Music Curation: Ariana Grande", the Feed Media Group team discusses Ariana Grande's latest album, "Eternal Sunshine," and her evolution as an artist. 


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Inside Music Curation Episode 45 | Ariana Grande

Four years since her last album, Ariana Grande is back with a new album and spreading "eternal sunshine" in 2024! The team discusses new tracks, her past hits, and more.


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In the "Inside Music Curation: Ariana Grande" YouTube video, the Feed Media Group team discusses Ariana Grande's latest album, "eternal sunshine," and her evolution as an artist. With ten years in the music industry and a new film on the horizon, the team analyzes the album's suitability for fitness clients, particularly its upbeat tracks. They express their appreciation for Grande's artistry, range, and unique singing style. The new album is seen as a departure from generic pop sensibilities, featuring more personal lyrics and a clear shift in musical direction. The team highlights the disco influences, nods to Madonna, Michael and Janet Jackson, and the soft, nostalgic vibe of the album. They praise the track "yes, and?" for its introspective lyrics and contrasting upbeat production. The team also admires Grande's assertiveness and growth as an artist, looking forward to her future projects and potential collaborations.

00:00:00 The team at Feed Media Group discusses the new album "eternal sunshine" by Ariana Grande. As B2B streaming platform curators, they analyze the album's suitability for fitness clients, specifically focusing on its upbeat tracks. Ariana's music has been a staple for the team, with some members becoming fans during her rise to fame. They appreciate her artistry, range, and effortless singing style. The new album is seen as a departure from generic pop sensibilities, with more personal lyrics and a definitive shift in her musical direction.

00:05:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Inside Music Curation: Ariana Grande," the speaker discusses the authenticity of Ariana Grande's music and her focus on storytelling in her latest album. The speaker notes that Grande's spontaneous approach to creating the album during her filming of the movie "Wicked" resulted in a fresh and clear sound, differentiating it from her earlier work. They also mentions the influence of Broadway on Grande's music and her use of various dance rhythms, including triple meter songs reminiscent of older pop music. They shared their excitement about the disco influences in the album and the nods to artists like Michael and Janet Jackson and Quincy Jones in the production.

00:10:00 The team discusses the artist's latest album, "eternal sunshine," and its departure from her previous pop diva image. The music incorporates early 80s style with current production, creating a soft and nostalgic vibe. The focus shifts from showcasing Grande's vocal range to the lyrical content. The speaker highlights the track "yes, and?" as an effective song with disarming, introspective lyrics contrasting the upbeat production. They also praise Grande's assertiveness in her music and lyrics, which resonates with fans and sets her apart from typical teen pop. The speaker also mentions the offbeat references in the album, such as the title being a reference to the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," which adds to her wide appeal.

00:15:00 The music curators discuss their favorite tracks from Ariana Grande's latest album. They praise her unique use of intro songs and her artistic control in production. One favorite track mentioned is "imperfect for you," which features unexpected chord changes and a 60s trippy vibe. The team also notes Ariana's involvement in the production process and her potential future collaborations with other artists. The conversation highlights Ariana's growth as an artist over the past decade and the anticipation for her upcoming projects.

Thank you for checking out Inside Music Curation, we hope you enjoyed this discussion. Stay tuned for more exciting conversations on music curation in future episodes.

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