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Feed Originals is not your average music catalog.  From collaborating with leading scientists to commissioning music and soundscapes composed by world-class musicians, learn how and why created a wholly-owned catalog of functional music for fitness and wellness brands.   


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Inside Music Curation Episode 44 | Feed Originals


At, we are dedicated to helping businesses power music in apps. In this episode, we have our esteemed colleagues from the music curation team here to talk about our new wholly-owned music collection, Feed Originals.  Learn how and why this original catalog of music was developed and how we're helping businesses get access to quality functional music for global use cases. 


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In the "Inside Music Curation: Feed Originals" YouTube video, Feed Media Group introduces their new music catalog, Feed Originals. Over the past two years, they have collaborated with award-winning producers and composers to create a functional music collection specifically designed for industries like fitness, health, wellness, and sports. The catalog offers flexible licensing and includes genres from pop and hip-hop to downtempo and nature sounds. Feed Media Group identified a need for a consistent soundtrack across various content types and collaborated with researchers in music and fitness to create science-backed music for specific functional needs, such as sleep, focus, meditation, and relaxation. They work closely with artists to ensure the music aligns with their intentions and sounds competitive with other catalogs. Feed Originals is more than just a royalty-free music catalog; it's a custom collection designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in these industries.

00:00:00 In this section of the "Inside Music Curation: Feed Originals" YouTube video, the team at Feed Media Group discusses their new project, the launch of their Feed Originals music catalog. Over the past two years, they have been working to develop a wholly-owned music catalog, expanding their offering for fitness, health, wellness, and sports brands. The catalog is created with award-winning producers and composers, some of whom also work with famous artists and are in between production projects. Feed Originals is not just another royalty-free music catalog; it's a functional music collection specifically designed for these industries. The team communicates their needs to the artists, ensuring the music aligns with their intentions. The goal was to create a catalog that meets the unique needs of fitness and health brands, while offering flexible licensing for various use cases. The catalog includes genres like pop, hip-hop, dance, downtempo, ambient, Latin dance, nature sounds, and music for wellness. The curation team, including Mike Savage and Eric "Stens" Stensvaag, manages over 10,000 music stations annually for the world's leading Fitness companies. They identified a music disconnect for businesses needing a consistent soundtrack across multiple content types and decided to commission the types of music they use daily to address this need. They also collaborated with Dr. Daniel Bowling, a neuroscientist from Stanford University, and Professor Costas Karageorghis, a foremost researcher in music and exercise, to align their workout music and wellness music offerings based on science-backed parameters.

00:05:00 In this section of the video, the team discuss the importance of expertise, validation from business partners and consumers, and the scientific research involved in their music curation process. They also share their collaboration with researchers in the fields of music and fitness and wellness music to create science-backed music for specific functional needs. The team has co-authored a white paper on the benefits of music and exercise, and have commissioned music through Feed Originals that is specifically designed for sleep, focus, meditation, and relaxation. They work closely with producers to ensure the music adheres to their stylistic guidelines and is competitive sounding, allowing it to blend seamlessly with other music catalogs. Feed Originals is a custom music catalog that is excited to grow and evolve.

Thank you for checking out Inside Music Curation, we hope you enjoyed this intro to Feed Originals. Stay tuned for more exciting discussions on music curation in future episodes.

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About the live video series:

At Feed Media Group (FMG), our music curation team excels at handpicking music for businesses. While technology and analytics play a vital role in the curation process, it is the expertise, curiosity, and ability of our music curators to bring the world around us into focus that truly sets our music stations apart.

By staying attuned to pop culture trends and understanding the wider societal context of songs, we are able to craft exceptional music stations. It is this connection, context, and attention to detail that distinguishes our stations from those generated by even the most advanced algorithms used by major streaming platforms.

Come on a journey with us as we delve into the fascinating world of curating music for businesses and brands. We will explore everything from the practical applications to the user experience, taking a deep dive into genres, audience preferences, data analysis, and the latest trends.

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