Introducing Tiffany Sirikulvadhana, Head of Customer Success

We’re thrilled to introduce Tiffany Sirikulvadhana as the newest member of our team. A customer success veteran with six years experience, and a former plaintiff’s attorney, Tiffany is uniquely qualified to serve as our Head of Customer Success. Tiffany describes as her “dream company…I get to work with exciting customers using music to drive stronger results. And as an attorney, I understand the intricacies of music licensing and know is providing an essential service to our partner companies.”

After graduating from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, Tiffany spent the first four years of her career practicing law, with an emphasis on disability rights. Her skillful client advocacy prompted a friend to lure her into the tech world, as customer point-person for a mobile startup. As someone who’s always been interested in tech and consumer trends, Tiffany developed a strong track record working at a number of SaaS companies.

When asked what’s inspiring about her Customer Success work, Tiffany emphasizes the enjoyment of working with customers. She describes her role as reciprocal education: serving as the in-house expert on customers’ needs and an external advocate for how’s services deliver increased ROI and user engagement.

As for music itself, Tiffany was hooked on boy bands starting with New Kids on the Block, which led to her to the Backstreet Boys. A pivotal moment was her discovery of country music in 1993, when she saw Garth Brooks singing "Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up).” Beyond her dedicated support of the rock band Shinedown (pictured in the photo above), Tiffany can usually be found listening to modern country.

Welcome Tiffany!