Mixtape — Joe Barham, 3rd installment

Welcome to another in our curated mixtape series!

We’re proud to feature another mixtape from Joe Barham.

Joe Barham is the manager of the popular San Francisco-based rock band The Stone Foxes. A highly sought after filmmaker and producer, his work includes music videos for Jim James and Washed Out. Joe recently completed his first feature film, serving as the Music Supervisor for Warner Brothers’ “Batkid Begins.” The critically-acclaimed film features music from the likes of Hans Zimmer, Andrew Bird and Holy Ghost. Prior to management, Joe was Music Director and DJ for KSAN 107.7 FM. 

When we asked him to curate for us, he stayed up all night and sent over a 24-hour mix!

It was like you guys were the hot girl and I was trying to get laid freshman year. Got into the dangerous playlist mode and tried a few diff things then kinda went off the rails and broke all my radio rules. Essentially I think most playlists have an expectation to them and this one should act as a wild card but with a little purpose. All different sorts of music but a mix of unknown and well known stuff so hopefully people will get a little of both when listening. Discovering new stuff while still getting the pleasant surprise of a melody from their past.”

We thought this was awesome, so we’re bringing it to you in installments. Look forward to more from Joe once a month (at least).

Listen and share! — https://feed.fm/play/lost-transmissions-3/