Which mobile music streaming app is #1?

Pandora still leads music streaming in the US, but Spotify took over the top global spot.

App Annie just released a comprehensive look at the global music streaming landscape. While there aren't a ton of huge surprises (streaming is growing, younger users stream more), there are some interesting nuggets that help add color to this evolving space.

Here's the tl:dr version to save you some time:

  • Digital downloads are down and music streaming is growing, with much of that growth led by Spotify








  • Spinrilla and MyMixtapez jump into the top 10 list for iOS and Android app downloads. This is interesting on a number of levels, including the fact that they are both genre specific.










  • Pandora leads in US, Deezer is #1 in France, and QQ Music takes China. Spotify gets all the rest.







With all this in mind, what's next for music streaming?

  • Apple Music is likely to play a bigger role moving forward
  • Soundcloud is stepping up with on demand libraries
  • Youtube looks to convert free music listeners to Google Play paying customers
  • Everyone is looking for supplementary services to maximize revenue streams (Pandora's $450m acquisition of Ticketfly, e.g.)