Music as a Solution: Capturing Nature Sounds for Akina

Here at Feed Media Group (FMG), we know that the merger of music and branding offers a proven solution to many challenges businesses encounter. From pop music to nature sounds, finding the right music for businesses is an art. By taking the time to carefully understand each company’s unique needs and expectations, and the wants of their end users, we use music as a solution and leverage our extensive knowledge of genres, music licensing, technology, and music strategy to create digital experiences that increase engagement and leave a lasting impression. 

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Meet Akina, a virtual physiotherapy company. Akina wants to pave a path to better—by connecting patients and physiotherapists outside of a clinical environment. They utilize AI-enabled motion support and instant feedback to make moving more enjoyable and effective for patients exercising at home. For Akina, patient experience is paramount, and as they prepared to launch their medical device in Switzerland, the team faced an issue commonly encountered by brands around the world—finding a way to get a quality soundtrack for their digital experience.


“We are all so used to enjoying music during all sorts of physical activities—these experiences are elevated by a great soundtrack.” Akina Cofounder and CEO Florian Haufe noted, “Yet it’s surprisingly absent in many medical/healthcare applications.” 

It’s one thing to know what music you want to incorporate in your app, but quite another to obtain the appropriate rights to start streaming. Music licensing is a complex and laborious process to take on during a new product launch. 


“We were looking for something easy to integrate, we didn’t want to take care of the licensing ourselves so that we could be as quick as possible to get the music to our users,” added Haufe. 


For Akina, we quickly curated stations sourced from Feed Originals, our custom-commissioned music catalog designed specifically for fitness and wellness by experts in the space. It was almost the ideal solution for Akina, except for one aspect—they wanted nature sounds, and at the time, the Feed Originals library did not include any of these tracks.

Enter the music detectives of the curation team. Leading this effort was Mike Savage, head of A&R for Feed Originals. Mike has extensive experience working in radio and artist management. When we enlisted Mike to collect nature sounds, he reached out to our network of talented artists and tapped into industry resources to find the high-definition sounds that Akina was looking for. 




Curator spotlight:

Mike Savage

FMG Curation Manager, Catalog Development & Head of A&R for Feed Originals


Yet, something was still missing.

While Akina initially envisioned general nature sounds as part of their business's music strategy, they soon realized they wanted to get more specific. Listening to the ocean waves of California wasn’t connecting them to the mountainous regions of Switzerland. They were looking for a more authentic representation of their surroundings. Mike was back on the case.

“One of our Feed Originals composers, Neara Russell, is an avid hiker. I'd reached out to her about this project right around the time she was headed to Norway for a vacation. She brought her field recording equipment on a trek through Folgefonna National Park and delivered some amazing recordings of waterfalls coming off of a melting glacier. Coincidentally, another Feed Originals composer, Sara Wolff, was also in Norway. She captured some fantastic rainfall sounds, birds chirping, and the sounds of a babbling brook running into a Norwegian lake.” Mike Savage, Artist Relations Lead / Senior Music Curator, Feed Media Group 



Within just a few weeks, we not only helped Akina overcome licensing and music integration challenges, but we were also able to work with them as they began to define their music strategy resulting in an authentic, sonic representation of their brand and their region. We were able to use music as a solution to offer a truly customized soundtrack on time and on budget. This allowed them to create a more engaging and personal experience aligned with their business goals and their brand. 

Haufe said, “Music is one of the building blocks of the experience we want to create, part of the full audio/visual experience. We appreciate being experts in music, we are also curating voices for coaching, we want users to be able to choose the voice and style that works for them.”

With our Feed Originals library, is committed to working with world-class recording artists to create a comprehensive collection of music for health, wellness, and fitness apps. We are working in real-time to fill the gaps in the market for unique soundscapes as well as research-backed music.

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