Summer 2016 Music Festivals Mixtape

The past decade has seen a groundswell of music festivals. Many of these have grown to equal the stature of heavyweights like Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo. This is a great thing for musicians and music-lovers, but it’s made picking and choosing harder than ever! Unless you’re independently wealthy and/or have the ability to teleport yourself, there’s no way you’ll hear all the amazing music this year’s festivals have to offer.

Fear not music lovers, we’ve got your covered. set ourselves the audacious task of creating The Ultimate Music Festivals Mixtape (2016 U.S. Edition). We know we’re a little late to the party, Ultra Music Festival and Coachella, but there are at least a dozen major festivals on the horizon. As usual, this year’s festivals offer the rare opportunity to hear a broad range of musicians, both stylistically and in terms of longevity.

Perhaps you’ve got tickets to hear the newly reunited LCD Soundsystem at one of their festival appearances, the consistently amazing Radiohead at Outside Lands in San Francisco, or what could be described as “the history of rock ‘n’ roll” festival in southern California (Desert Trip)? Or maybe you're not going to any of this year's music festivals and prefer to live vicariously. Either way, our mixtape will give you a heady brew of the music that’s blasting across this year’s main stages.

Consider the Ultimate Music Festivals Mixtape a highlights reel for this year’s headliners. We picked one song apiece to create a 2 1/2-hour concert of our dreams. Enjoy!

Featuring the Arcade Fire, the Who, Kanye West, and more