New wellness music for spring from Feed Originals

Spring brings us out of hibernation mode and back into a dance with the world around us. The newest, freshest tracks from's exclusive music collection, Feed Originals, engage the imagination with visions of the natural world springing to life. Whether you’re looking for meditation music, relaxation music, or lo-fi hip hop to chill to, these new releases will help you tune in and find your flow.


Wellness music inspired by nature, backed by science

The common theme in the new Feed Originals tracks for spring is a celebration of the beauty of nature, with musical inspiration coming from the flowing movement of water, the steadiness of mountains, and the awesome vastness of the cosmos. 

These releases from Feed Originals artists are all purpose-designed to generate a desired state in the listener that actively supports their activity or goal. Guided by principles of biomusicology, the music is commissioned, custom-composed, and curated to synergistically engage the brain and set the user up for success, whether that’s achieving a level of heightened focus, deepened relaxation, or a steady groove for meditation or work.


New releases from Feed Originals

Listen (to the new release playlist) while you read:

Click here to listen to the full Spring 2024 New Release playlist


Wanderfall by Akai Masa

This dreamy, ambient meditation playlist is a slow-paced excursion into the powerfully calming effects of sound. Ideal for meditation, Wanderfall creates an enchanting instrumental soundscape, encompassing acoustic piano, hushed drums, and late-blooming synth pads. Warm and soothing, this playlist brings mind and body into balance.


Click here to listen to the complete EP Wanderfall by Akai Masa


Stereophonic by Starlight Trio

This lo-fi hip hop collection will keep listeners in an easy groove. Ideal for creating the perfect vibe for focus or work, Stereophonic provides a downtempo background that will delight anyone looking for a chill playlist.


Click here to listen to the complete EP Stereophonic by Starlight Trio


Cabin Fade by Semvi

Cabin Fade takes listeners on a tranquil journey in this EP of ambient meditation soundscapes. Extremely relaxing and soothing, Cabin Fade is best for meditation playlists cultivating a peaceful and relaxing ambience.


Click here to listen to the complete EP Cabin Fade by Semvi


Blue Mountain by Adam Ben

The gently stirring melodies sweep listeners into a magical world, inspiring the imagination and calming the nervous system. Perfect for spa playlists and calming music mixes, Blue Mountain takes listeners on a mini-vacation from the stresses of life.


Click here to listen to the complete EP Blue Mountain by Adam Ben


Rainbow Bridge by Akai Masa

Another beautiful meditation album from Akai Masa, Rainbow Bridge features serene ambient instrumentals that meander slowly and intentionally. Created for peaceful meditation playlists, this EP will help listeners relax and tune in to their body and breath.


Click here to listen to the complete EP Rainbow Bridge by Akai Masa


Dreamy Drifts by Vassall

Soft and slow piano music that will lull listeners into relaxation, Dreamy Drifts is a perfect addition for relaxing piano playlists. This calming, downtempo album is designed to help listeners release and let go.


Click here to listen to the complete EP Dreamy Drifts by Vassall



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