WIN Reality uses popular music to enhance VR baseball experience

Ever since the Chicago Cubs introduced a pipe organ as part of the team’s pre-game rituals more than 80 years ago, music has been a part of baseball’s many traditions. As the years have gone by, the pipe organ has given way to walk-up songs and between-inning jams blared over the stadium’s loudspeakers. Popular music has become tightly wound into the fabric of the game.

The championship-era San Francisco Giants of the early 2010s were backed by Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.” The New York Yankees famously play Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” after wins. The list goes on and on. and WIN Reality are bringing that tradition to the digital age. WIN Realty, a virtual reality baseball and softball training platform, has partnered with to power the music athletes listen to while they’re practicing. WIN Reality lets baseball and softball players step into a virtual ballpark and take game-speed pitches that move as they would in a live environment. 

WIN Reality chose as their VR music solution because it incorporates the same popular music that players are accustomed to listening to, into the virtual experience. Now, players can choose which genre they want to listen to, from pop to hip-hop, country or several others, and delivers a stream of curated, licensed popular music to power their batting practice.’s exclusive music ratings system makes sure that lyrical content and song contexts are age-appropriate for users.

The goal with every digital experience is to create something that people will come back to over and over. WIN Reality’s incredible realism, both in the virtual 3D environments people play in and the actual gameplay, combined with’s commercial music integration creates an experience that baseball players will instantly recognize and want to play again and again.

We’re firm believers in the power of music to help us do great things. Whether that means pushing hard on a tough workout, or hitting a 97-mph tailing fastball over the right field wall into the bay at a virtual version of Oracle Park, music makes experiences better. 

As we’ve said before, we want to provide the soundtrack for a healthier, happier world. We’re excited to have WIN Reality as a partner, helping us do just that.




Image provided by WIN Reality