Materialize Labs & Drive Business Results for AI & Video Apps partner profile: Materialize Labs 

The team is excited to work with our new partner, Materialize Labs, a software development company that transforms ideas into revolutionary digital products. Along with its expertise in building custom AI and video streaming apps, Materialize Labs brings exceptional technical skills and innovative new projects to leverage the possibilities of’s unified music system, an all-in-one platform for music licensing, curation, and music streaming infrastructure.

Alex Nordlinger, Founder and CEO of Materialize Labs, shares, "By joining forces with, we're integrating the transformative power of music into our development toolkit. This collaboration opens up exciting new pathways for enhancing user engagement and enriching our digital offerings." 

"By joining forces with, we're integrating the transformative power of music into our development toolkit. This collaboration opens up exciting new pathways for enhancing user engagement and enriching our digital offerings." Alex Nordlinger, Founder & CEO, Materialize Labs

Combining the formidable talent at Materialize Labs with’s music technology and curation expertise will undoubtedly produce breakthrough digital experiences. Our first collaboration is already underway: a modern digital fitness app. On implementing’s music offering for the first time in a client’s app, Alex noted, “The ease with which we could tailor soundtracks to fit various user activities was remarkable. This capability has transformed the app’s ambiance, making user interactions more enjoyable and intuitive."


Materialize Labs Web Platform work with RadiusLive video streaming app

The many business applications for video-streaming

Materialize has built video-streaming apps for a widely diverse client base. From live-streaming nature scenes to streaming big-wave surfing, Materialize Labs' client projects show a wide array of business use cases for digital video. RadiusLive, a global leader in market research, had Materialize Labs build a custom platform that enables them to conduct collaborative remote focus groups, interviews, and video editing. To power up Nimbus99, a comprehensive SaaS for OTT streaming, Materialize Labs worked closely with the client to create a unique platform for seamless management and delivery of business and finance video content.



Materialize Labs AI-driven web app for DB Capital Management

Real talk about AI: Q + A with Alex Nordlinger, Founder and CEO of Materialize Labs

The buzz about the possibilities of AI for businesses is at a fever pitch. But Materialize does a lot more than talk about AI. They have been busy building custom AI applications for clients for years. We thought it would be interesting to hear directly from Alex about his perspective on AI trends and what he has learned from AI app development for customer projects. What are the most exciting trends in AI development that you are seeing right now?

Alex Nordlinger: One of the most exciting trends in AI development currently is the advancement in Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and generative AI models. These technologies are evolving at an unprecedented pace, introducing new capabilities and enhancements almost weekly. Such rapid progress is not only fascinating but also immensely valuable for a range of applications.

Generative AI, particularly with models like OpenAI's GPT-4, now includes multimodal capabilities that allow the integration of audio and visual data processing. This advancement enhances user interaction by minimizing response latencies and enabling more natural, conversational engagements with AI systems. The ability to interact with AI using both text and voice in real-time significantly enriches user experience and broadens the scope of AI applications in daily tasks.

Furthermore, the concept of "agentive AI" is becoming increasingly relevant. Agentive AI refers to systems designed to act on behalf of the user, performing tasks autonomously based on learned or programmed preferences. This shift from passive tools to proactive assistants can transform how we approach problem-solving and task management. By automating routine and time-consuming activities, AI allows individuals and businesses to focus on more strategic and creative endeavors, thus enhancing productivity and innovation.

In practice, these advancements mean that AI can take on more complex and nuanced tasks that were traditionally reserved for humans. From streamlining business processes to offering personalized user experiences, the implications are vast. As AI continues to evolve into a more capable and efficient assistant, its integration into various industries is expected to accelerate, opening up new possibilities for technological synergy and efficiency. From your perspective, what are the biggest business opportunities that AI can offer to companies today?

Alex Nordlinger: From a business perspective, AI offers transformative opportunities primarily through the optimization of internal processes and the development of systems that leverage generative AI and large language models (LLMs). These technologies can significantly reduce operational costs and enhance revenue streams, marking a pivotal shift in how businesses manage and scale their operations.

One of the most impactful applications of AI in the business context is the creation of centralized AI agents. These agents serve as advanced digital interfaces where employees can interact seamlessly with organizational systems to obtain quick answers and access information efficiently. The integration of retrieval-augmented generation with LLMs, trained on an organization's proprietary data, enables these AI agents to provide tailored and contextually relevant responses. This capability not only speeds up information retrieval but also improves accuracy and employee productivity.

Additionally, the deployment of AI-driven systems in business processes—from customer service bots and personalized marketing campaigns to sophisticated data analysis tools—allows companies to handle large volumes of operations with greater precision and minimal human intervention. This scalability factor is crucial for businesses looking to expand their reach and capabilities without proportionately increasing their overhead.


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