Top 10 Usher Love Songs for Your Valentine's Day Workout Playlist

Looking to inject some extra motivation into your Valentine's Day workout playlist? At we believe music is a powerful tool to enhance any workout experience, and Grammy Awardwinning Lovers and Friends headliner Usher is like Cupid’s arrow to get you in the mood to sweat both on and off the field.


Explore the top 10 Usher love songs that get your heart pumping during a workout




Usher's iconic hit "Yeah!" featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris is a certified gym anthem. With its infectious beat and catchy lyrics, this song is guaranteed to get you moving and grooving on the treadmill or during a cardio session. Crank up the volume and feel the energy surge through your veins as you push yourself to new limits.


"DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love"

If you're looking to add some extra pep to your step during a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, look no further than "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love." A classic Usher love song, this upbeat track will keep your heart rate up and your energy levels high as you power through each set and rep.



Featuring pulsating beats and Usher's smooth vocals, "OMG" is another must-have Usher love song for your workout playlist. Whether you're hitting the weights or practicing your dance moves, this song will keep you motivated and focused on crushing your fitness goals.



As Usher told Apple Music, "Music has always been the best way to set a mood, explain an emotion, or define different moments in time," and with its pulsating rhythm and catchy chorus, "Scream" is the perfect song to keep you motivated during a grueling cardio session. Let Usher's electrifying vocals inspire you to push through the burn and keep going until the finish line.


"Good Love"

"Good Love" is an energetic track from City Girls featuring Usher. This high-energy anthem will take your workout mix to the next level. Blast this song during your next spin class or outdoor run and let the adrenaline rush fuel your performance.


"Caught Up"

Usher's "Caught Up" is a funky and upbeat song that will inject some fun into your workout routine. Whether you're hitting the dance floor or the gym floor, this song will keep you moving and grooving until the very end.



With its infectious beat and catchy hooks, "More" is a feel-good anthem that will keep you motivated during even the toughest workouts. Turn up the volume and let Usher's smooth vocals carry you through each exercise with ease.


"Love in This Club"

Featuring a hypnotic beat and sensual lyrics, "Love in This Club" is the perfect song to add some spice to your workout playlist. Whether you're lifting weights or practicing your yoga poses, this song will help you tap into your inner strength and confidence.


"U Don’t Have to Call Me"

For those moments when you need an extra burst of energy, "U Don’t Have To Call Me" is the ultimate pump-up song. With its high-octane beats and infectious energy, this track will have you pushing yourself harder and faster than ever before.

"Don't Mind"

Usher's collaboration with Kent Jones on "Don't Mind" is a laid-back yet uplifting track that's perfect for cooling down after an intense workout. Let the smooth melodies and positive vibes wash over you as you stretch and unwind post-workout.


Incorporating Usher's high-energy songs into your workout playlist this Valentine's Day is a surefire way to elevate your workout experience and stay motivated to achieve your goals. Whether you're hitting the gym or exercising at home, these top Usher songs will keep you moving, grooving, and sweating it out like never before!


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