4 Emerging Rock Bands to Watch As Rock Music Evolves in 2024

Are you listening to the same rock music you have listened to for years, like a beloved broken-in baseball glove? Are you aware of the new wave of talented rock music artists that are keeping the torch lit “For Those About To Rock”? The rock music genres have been a tad stagnant for the last four to five years as trap, reggaeton, and Taylor Swift (is Taylor Swift a genre?) dominated radio.

In 2023, events started to shape up that would become important avenues for discovering new bands. For example, Demi Lovato re-released her hits with a hard rock edge, Blink 182 reunited, Travis Barker continued to blend hip-hop and pop-punk, and Megan Thee Stallion released a remixed single of “Cobra” with heavy metal rock music band Spiritbox. This year is already shaping up to be a game-changer with rock music concerts, big music festivals, big new music releases (like Green Day’s new album Saviors), and exciting crossover moments. 

One of my favorite things to do is to sift through new rock acts, research them, and find the ones making a difference like a musical version of fantasy football. This lineup of emerging artists and bands is ready to captivate audiences worldwide. So get ready to get your heart pumping, turn up the volume, and discover the next wave of exceptional rock bands!





Genre: Metal/Active Rock
For fans of Evanescence, Bring Me the Horizon, Deftones

Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Grammy-nominated Spiritbox makes waves with modern metal sounds. With influences ranging from the etherealness of Evanescence to the heaviness of prog metal wizards Meshuggah, their music is a refreshing blend of melodic singing and crushing instrumentation. They have also recently teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion in her remix for “Cobra” for an excellent cross-genre hit. Keep an eye out for Spiritbox as they set up to be playing major festivals like Sick New World Fest this Spring and Summer. 



Sleep Token

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
For fans of Tool, Soundgarden, Meshuggah

Hitting the scene with an innovative fusion of 90s rock, post-hardcore, and progressive metal, Sleeptoken from the UK is a musical force to be reckoned with. Their eclectic cross-over approach sets them apart, offering listeners a sonic experience that resonates on a deeper level. With only one album released and a handful of tours internationally, Sleep Token is destined to be a chart-topper. They have amassed over three million monthly listeners in a single year of existence, and their first US show is in New York City in May. Sleep Token is becoming one of the most impressive come-up stories in the Metal world






Genre: Indie rock
For fans of AJR, Panic at the Disco, Los Campesinos!

Breaking conventional norms, the UK’s LOVEJOY has carved out a unique indie rock lane with intricate musicianship and quirky songwriting. They are quickly gaining recognition for their live performance as well as their recorded music. Having performed at the Glastonbury Festival, Rock Werchter, TRNSMT, the Montreux Jazz Festival, Lollapalooza, Leeds Festival, and Reading Festival LOVEJOY is gaining fast traction as a favorite UK export like Arctic Monkeys, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, and Radiohead. 






Genre: Hardcore Punk
For fans of Bad Brains, 311, Rage Against The Machine

4 time Grammy nominated Turnstile emerged from the Philadelphia underground scene, bringing raw and authentic energy to the punk hardcore genre. Their energetic performances have gained them a loyal fan base, and their tour with pop-punk royalty Blink 182 has introduced them to a wider audience primed to love their music. With a career-defining performance at Coachella last year they are positioned for some big moments in 2024. Prepare to be swept away by the unapologetic energy of Turnstile. 


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - May 13, 2023_ Turnstile perform at the Sick New World music festival Photo by Geoffrey Clowes_Shutterstock.com



Rock on

As 2024 starts, these emerging bands are poised to dominate the music scene with their unparalleled creativity and fresh perspectives. As a fan of all things rock, this is a special time in the genre where we see the torch being passed in real time. From a musician's perspective, the numbers we are seeing in rock concert attendance and merch sales are indicative of an ecosystem in which new rock bands can thrive. Whether you're a dedicated music enthusiast or a casual listener, don't miss the opportunity to discover the sounds that will define rock music in 2024. Stay tuned, hit play, and let the journey into the future of music begin!




Photo Credits:
Top: Spiritbox performs at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida on September 30, 2023 Photo by Geoffrey Clowes / Shutterstock.com
Bottom: Turnstile perform at the Sick New World music festival Las Vegas, NV on May 13, 2023 Photo by Geoffrey Clowes / Shutterstock.com