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James Thurlow

James is a builder at heart. When he’s not working on crafting software products, he likes to make sawdust around his house and messes in the kitchen.

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What’s the Best Music API for Businesses?

Posted by James Thurlow on Mar 31, 2022 11:00:00 AM

The digital age has transformed music in a multitude of ways, including how it is made, played, distributed, and monetized. As a consequence, copyright holders have faced major obstacles to getting paid in the new frontier of apps, downloads and streaming, and the laws have had to catch up. But while these laws largely benefit the music makers and seldom affect the end user in any significant way, they are not as accommodating to the parties left in the middle: businesses who want to play popular music to enhance their customers' experience.

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Topics: Music Licensing, Music for Businesses, Music API

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