Why Feed.fm built a royalty-free music library for wellness brands

As a pioneer in making licensed music accessible to fitness, health, sports, and wellness brands, we have had a front-row seat to see the music-related needs and struggles of these companies. A few particular pain points resurface again and again: 

  • the difficulty in finding the right music in large royalty-free catalogs that don’t specialize in functional music 
  • the time spent juggling and managing multiple music solutions 
  • the frustration with not being able to use music globally in all of a company’s markets 

From a deep understanding of these challenges, Feed Originals was born: a wholly owned royalty-free music library that places specialized functional music within reach for fitness, health, sports, and wellness brands. Feed Originals was created to solve the all-too-common problems that brands encounter when seeking out music for commercial use.


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If you’re looking for music to support health and wellness content, you’ve come to the right place

Our team at Feed.fm is uniquely qualified when it comes to understanding what type of music is most effective when paired with fitness and wellness activities. No other company has the data and market knowledge to expertly curate and commission functional music. Our years of expertise culminates in our new royalty-free music catalog, Feed Originals.

Functional music elevates the use of music beyond entertainment to support health goals and wellness outcomes. Regardless of whether it’s wellness music, workout music, or music to help you focus at work, when created and curated with care and intention, functional music delivers added value due in large part to the observable and predictable effects of music on the brain. Music has the ability to enhance both mood and motivation, and pairing functional music with a fitness or wellness activity significantly magnifies the potential impact. 

With guidance from Dr. Daniel Bowling, a neuroscientist at Stanford University School of Medicine, we designed the Feed Originals music catalog to align with the principles of auditory neuroscience and biomusicology. Scientific understanding of the effects of melody, rhythm, and tone on mood and motivation form the basis of our curation parameters so that we can provide you with the very best science-based functional music for workouts, relaxation, meditation, focus, sleep, and more.


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Your one-stop shop: Feed.fm is the unified music system that does it all

With so many different aspects to licensing music—including curation, streaming, tracking, data collection, and more—music for business use can start to feel unmanageable and always on the verge of spiraling out of control. It can seem overwhelming to juggle the services of a variety of vendors to meet the demands of streaming music for commercial use. Luckily, Feed.fm is the only music solution your company needs.

Feed.fm is a unified music system that makes it easy for businesses to create more engaging experiences with music. With pre-cleared catalogs and custom curation services, Feed.fm manages every step of the process so your company can focus on its core mission. Integration and streaming are automated with Feed.fm’s streaming music API and turnkey SDKs. Now that we’ve launched Feed Originals as a wholly owned music catalog, we are able to offer even more functional music, for more uses, with more flexible music licensing terms. 


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A royalty-free music library that gives you global reach and ultimate flexibility

One of the most troubling difficulties with music streaming for business use is the challenge of obtaining music rights to use licensed music in multiple countries. With Feed Originals, this is a non-issue: the entirety of the Feed Originals music catalog can be used globally, full stop.

Feed Originals boasts a unique collection of custom-curated and commissioned music that offers extraordinary flexibility in licensing. All tracks are cleared for global use, with performance rights included. From pop and hip-hop songs to science-based functional music and soundscapes, you’ll find everything you need to support your product and promotional campaigns. 

Whether you’re looking for background music for a workout or a song to feature in your latest ad campaign, Feed Originals makes it easy with options to download tracks for sync or standalone use, or tap into the Feed.fm streaming solution to seamlessly integrate Feed Originals music stations in your app or connected device.  Other possible use cases include but are not limited to soundtracks for video content, social media, group fitness classes, commercials, films, events, and hold music and background music for gyms, spas, healthcare, retail, and more.


Music-led growth begins with Feed Originals

Licensed music is so vital for fitness, health, sports, and wellness brands that there is no room for compromise or inadequate solutions. The opportunity for music-led growth relies on getting the right music to the right person at the right time, and doing so quickly, affordably, and legally. This is where Feed.fm and our new specialty music catalog, Feed Originals, comes in.

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