7 Tips for Curating Workout Music in 2024

Now that we’ve looked back on all the data and workout music trends from 2023, it’s time to dial in your music strategy for 2024. Here are our top workout music tips for optimizing your selections to engage and motivate your audience.



7 Tips for Curating Workout Music in 2024

Here are our top workout music tips for curating workout music in 2024 based on the trends highlighted in the Feed.fm 2023 Workout Music Report:

  • Blend pop with EDM influences: Pop remains a powerhouse, but incorporating EDM-inspired tracks into playlists can bring an extra dose of energy and motivation for workouts. Look for danceable pop tunes with electronic elements.

  • Recognize hip-hop's enduring impact: Celebrate the ongoing legacy of hip-hop. Draw from its 50-year history by curating playlists that highlight its evolution and its current impact. Look for fresh collaborations showcasing both established and emerging talents.

  • Incorporate classic rock & throwback hits: Don't underestimate the power of classics. These tunes are finding new life on social media and resonating with both older audiences and new listeners. Consider incorporating throwback stations to cater to varied age groups.

  • Celebrate Latin music's rise: Latin music made a significant impact in 2023 and continues to gain momentum. Explore Spanish-language tracks from multiple genres including Reggaeton and Corridos, and incorporate Latin artists across your workout playlists.

  • Explore Afrobeats' influence: The percussive rhythms of Afrobeats are gaining traction. Include these songs in workout playlists to offer a diverse range of tracks that appeal to a broader audience.

  • Highlight seasonal & cultural celebrations: Engage listeners by curating seasonal playlists that celebrate cultural moments. Honor Pride month and other important events with dedicated stations that showcase diversity and inclusivity.

  • Deliver clean & age-appropriate content: Maintain playlists suitable for all audiences. Ensure your workout music is clean, offering PG / PG-13 music options or even family-friendly selections for the youngest fitness enthusiasts.

As Feed.fm curators, we manage hundreds of bespoke music stations for our digital fitness partners including Tonal, Bodi, and Bowflex. With a combination of technology, analytics, and our combined expertise, our music stations effectively connect with audiences and give tech companies a competitive advantage in finding and retaining customers.

By incorporating these workout music tips into your fitness music curation for 2024, you can craft playlists that resonate with diverse audiences, maintain a high-energy vibe, and keep users engaged and motivated during their fitness routines.

Harness the power of music to define your brand and pump up your workouts this year! When used strategically, music is an impactful tool to connect with your audience, spark joy, and motivate them to take on their fitness goals in 2024!