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Arturno Lovazzano

Arturo grew up making mixtapes for friends. He later developed an interest in how records get made, and decided to go into the music industry. He worked as a Sound Engineer for a TV network, worked in several Record Companies, and later joined the digital music landscape working at iTunes. He loves working at FMG because the service uses music to enhance people’s experiences. He continues his passion for music curation, and loves seeing the immediate positive impact of his work at FMG. He applies a human-centered approach, where end-user satisfaction is the goal. He’s an avid music collector, dj, amateur guitar player, and live music fan.
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If Rock Is The New Jazz, What Does That Mean For Artists And Fans?

Posted by Arturno Lovazzano on Jul 27, 2021 10:00:00 AM

For music lovers from Gen X to Boomers, the unthinkable has recently happened. While an emerging trend since the turn of the century, it’s now clear that rock music is no longer the most popular music genre in the US. Rock ruled the charts for over 40 years, but before that jazz was the dominant preference for most listeners, especially teenagers and young adults. Is Rock the New Jazz?

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Topics: Music Curation, Music History, Music Genres

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